The Directionality of Choices

The Directionality of Choices


Navigating life's choices, finding direction and intentionality. Learning to know ourselves through our choices, and thus knowing where we want to go by the direction of our choices.
Living a life of intentionality isn't easy and can be a lifelong journey. We need to be honest with ourselves and have the courage to look for the truth. In doing so, we will reach a point where the choice to connect with our truth is no longer optional. We can't keep trying and failing. We can't keep falling down. We can't keep letting ourselves down or letting others down.

This choice often comes from great pain and suffering. We need to be willing to endure this in order to find the lifeline and savior that the truth offers us. Perfection is an impossible expectation and it is essential to accept that change is a part of life. We should flow with it and be mindful of the direction of our choices.

The possibilities are infinite, so we need to use the feedback of our feelings to know if we are on our path or off. The truth and reality of who we are and what we want can only be found in the present moment. As the navigators of our own lives, it is up to us to make different choices from a different standpoint and perspective and to align them with who we really are.

We need to be aware of our timing and take ownership of the direction of our lives. We need to look for the courage to contact our truth and truly know ourselves. Only then will we find the power to make choices that originate out of who we really are and take us to where we really want to go.

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