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Revenge vs Redemption

Redeeming the Past: Finding Opportunities for a Positive FutureWe have the choice to either accept or resist life's flow, but it is still always moving. Negative event...

Fear Wants Failure

Working with Fear: Balancing Fear in Life to Pursue DreamsFear is an unavoidable part of life and the best way to cope is to understand it and learn to work with it. F...

Over-Reliance on Evidence

The Data Dance: Balancing Facts and Feelings for a Richer LifeWe live in an age of unprecedented access to data, but an over-reliance on facts and information can lead...

A Life of Have To vs Get To

Shift From Living a Life You Have To to Living a Life You Get To

The Difference Between Getting and Having

Manifesting your desires, how to create change through awareness and alignment. Learning to know the difference between manifesting something and actually living with ...

The Absence of Desire

Using dormancy to reflect and gain clarity on what matters most. Using times in our life when desire feels absent to get clarity on what we really want, from a place o...

Being More Alive in Our Lives

Feeling alive, rekindling our sense of purpose and passion. Sometimes, what is missing from our life is simply the sense of feeling alive.

The Directionality of Choices

Navigating life's choices, finding direction and intentionality. Learning to know ourselves through our choices, and thus knowing where we want to go by the direction ...

Choosing for Yourself

The power of choice, harnessing your creative freedom. Looking at the choices we have made, by the parts of us we serve, to better know ourselves and craft the life we...

Living a Wanted Life

Trust your desires and attractions to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. A good life is a wanted life, and we can learn to live a life we want by learning what w...

The Power of Knowing Your True Self

Creating clarity and knowing through self-awareness. Discovering the power to guide ourselves through our life, informed by knowing who we really are; and thus finding...

Utilizing the Power of Intention

Using intention to create a life illuminated by your own internal light. Discovering and living with the true power of intention in our own lives.

True Power Lies Within

The power of liberation, understanding our creative potential and free will. Discovering and realizing your true power, as the creator of your own life.

The Call and the Answer

Exploring deeper truths for real change. Learning to hear the answer life is giving to our calls, seeing what we are really asking for.

Embracing Your True Nature

Exploring our true nature for self-acceptance and clarity. Becoming more ourselves by better knowing and understanding our nature.

The Myriad Benefits of Balance

Finding peace, contentment, and joy through finding balance; especially between consumption and creation.

Accepting What We Really Want

Exploring your true self, discovering and releasing the power of your desires. Learning to better know ourselves through our desires, confronting and befriending all p...

The Value of Reflection

Using reflection as a tool for a life well-lived. Using times of pause, times of reflection, to aide us on our journey towards a full and meaningful life.

The Challenge of Letting Go

Navigating change, steps for processing pain and facing unmet needs. Facing the difficulty of change head-on, letting the difficulties that come up help us grow.

Trying Again

Learning to embrace failure, growth, and expression in life. Learning to try again, integrating the lessons and guidance life is giving us.

The Art of Waiting

How to develop faith, knowing, and confidence through self-awareness. Waiting is both a skill and a talent, and can be developed through greater awareness.

Self-Consciousness as a Doorway to Greater Awareness

Gaining self-awareness through self-consciousness. Using self-consciousness as a way to access deeper awareness, using sensitivity as a gift, rather than a burden.

The Power of Mantras

The power mantras, both conscious and unconscious, have in shaping our lives.

Buried Desires

By burying our desires, we lose touch with ourselves. We forget what we want because we partially forget who we are.

Frustration Can Be Misleading

In times of frustration, we may be following a path away from ourselves, away from where we actually want to go.

Taking the Long View

Looking at our life more as a whole, spotting longer-term patterns and tendencies, letting this perspective deliver deeper awareness. Developing clarity and awareness ...

What is Missing is Commitment

Understanding the power of commitment for manifestation and growth. When we are stuck, when things aren't happening for us, sometimes we need to fully commit to be abl...

The Illusion of Finding Ourselves Through Others

Achieving balance within through personal growth. Learning to find our way by getting to know ourselves, our real selves, better.

Seven Deadly Sins

Finding unity through kindness, honesty, and connection. Thinking about what these ideas around "undesirable" behaviors have in common, what we can learn when we think...

Keep Going

Creating change through faith and awareness. Oftentimes, the best thing to do is just keep going.

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