About The Union Path Podcast

Hi, my name's John and this podcast isn't about me.

My hope is, that through sharing awarenesses and experiences, that this podcast can help foster greater knowing, greater peace, greater joy, and greater liberation.

Life can be hard, even under the best circumstances. And, often, these "best circumstances" are not quite the panacea, not quite the salvation we were hoping for.

We are often left, in a lurch, to try and find our way towards what we are actually going after. A path that often, finally, gets illuminated by really understanding ourselves, our true selves.

Understanding what we really want, what really matters to us, how we really feel, who we really are, and what truth means and looks like to us.

We wander, seemingly, because there is a truth out there for us. A truth that we are led to by allowing life to do so. We find our path by paying attention, really being able to listen and take in what is happening, and then having the courage to change, to integrate and act on what we observe.

New episodes are published each Tuesday and Friday. There is no real order here, so feel free to jump in wherever you are inspired to.


If you would like to contact me, the email address is theunionpath@gmail.com.

Best to you,

John Coleman