Self-Consciousness as a Doorway to Greater Awareness

Gaining self-awareness through self-consciousness. Using self-consciousness as a way to access deeper awareness, using sensitivity as a gift, rather than a burden.
Self-consciousness is a feeling that many of us experience on a regular basis and can be quite overwhelming and exhausting. Yet, what we often fail to realize is that this state of mind can actually be a gateway to greater awareness. At the heart of all self-consciousness lies our assumptions and interpretations about ourselves and the world around us. While these assumptions may sometimes be true, more often than not they are simply false conceptions of reality that we have created in our minds.

By directing our awareness inward and focusing on understanding ourselves at a deep level, we can begin to unlock the part of ourselves that is always calm and peaceful. This part of ourselves is core to who we are, and when we become aware of it and begin to express it, we can create a new baseline identity which helps us to stay grounded and connected when we go out into the world.

Self-consciousness is a powerful tool that gives us the ability to gain self-awareness and expand our consciousness. With self-awareness comes the power of choice and the capacity to make changes and create the desired experiences in our lives. Through this awareness, we can access the part of ourselves that is always calm and peaceful and use it to create a new baseline sense of identity. In doing so, we can ultimately become better equipped to navigate the world with peace, confidence, and security.

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