You Know What You Want

You Know What You Want

We often don't know what we want in life, but deep down we know what is true to us. The key is to live our true nature, instead of trying to fit in and change ourselves to be accepted. The conflict between our head and our heart can be resolved through cooperation.

When something keeps coming our way, even if we don't know if we want it, we need to learn to say no. When faced with difficult decisions, it's important to consider all factors: logic, feeling, and energy. Depending on the situation, one may override the other, resulting in regret or stagnation.

Listening to one's feelings can help prevent this. Making decisions involves considering multiple aspects, such as logic, emotion, and energy. If a decision doesn't feel like a "hell yes", it's usually a "no".

When stakes are involved, the choices become more complicated. We can use energy to help us make decisions - if it doesn't feel like a "hell yes," there's likely something else trying to tell us something. Listen to the energy and use it to understand ourselves and our lives better.

We all have the ability to perceive energy, even though it's hard to explain or put into language. We can pay attention to the energy in our life and use it as a tool to understand our path and live more wholly. We can liberate ourselves by learning to listen and live fully with our full selves

We can discover what we want by reestablishing communication with all parts of ourselves and following the energy. This can help us make decisions and guide us along the way.

Key Lessons
  1. We can make decisions by listening to our feelings and understanding the energy in our life.
  2. We can liberate ourselves by learning to listen and live with our full selves.
  3. Following the energy can help us understand our path and make decisions that are true to us.
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