You Can Have What You Want

You Can Have What You Want

Unlocking Fulfillment: How To Embrace Our Desires and Lead a More Meaningful Life

We all have desires, and the ability to pursue them, but our beliefs can sometimes make us feel like we can't have what we want, and lead us to pursue our wants indirectly. Our desires are a reflection of who we are, and if we align with them, they can lead us to a more fulfilling and nourishing life. Feeling good is not bad; it is our direct experience of a higher power and it should be embraced.

We should question beliefs we have about life and ourselves that lead us to reject our own desires and squash our own joy. We should not be scared of our own ideas and attractions, and instead understand how our choices affect others and ourselves. It's important to engage with our desires, dreams, and ideas, even if they may cause harm.

We can explore them safely and listen to what they are trying to tell us about ourselves. Doing so will help us to truly know ourselves and not let our desires and dreams go unfulfilled. We don't have to be a slave to our denial of our desires--we can find a middle ground.

To really experience and inhabit what we want, we have to believe that we can have it, deserve it, and that it's for us. Start with the thought, "What would life be like if I actually believed I could have what I want?" and explore this to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. See what happens when we change our minds, beliefs and accept ourselves by truly believing we can have what we want.

Key Lessons
  1. We should question beliefs that lead us to reject our own desires and joy.
  2. We can have what we want, deserve it, and that it's for us.
  3. By changing our minds, beliefs and accepting ourselves, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and unlock a more fulfilling life.
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