When Our Pushing Is the Obstacle

When Our Pushing Is the Obstacle

Trying to control everything in life is impossible and unsustainable, and often our habits of pushing and trying too hard become obstacles to actually getting what we want. We should ask ourselves if all this pushing is necessary, if anyone actually needs or wants it. Often the simplest and easiest solution is the right one.

We often strive for perfection and search for more complex solutions than necessary when a perfectly valid and adequate solution has already been found. The best solutions often come when we least expect it and are not grandiose, just tailored and efficient. We often push for what we want, but this effort can create friction and obstacles that block us from actually receiving what we desire.

We must be open and clear about what we want in order to co-create a dialogue and receive the intended outcome. We need to trust and have faith in the creative process and not try to control it or push to make things happen. Instead, we should be aware of what we really want and acknowledge when the choices in front of us may not seem perfect, but might still be worth exploring.

Our desires can be hard to understand, but it's important to trust our feelings and judgment to lead us to what we want. Let go of pushing and allow our journey to unfold naturally.

Key Lessons
  1. We cannot control every aspect of life.
  2. Trusting our feelings and judgment is more productive than striving for perfection.
  3. Even imperfect solutions can be worth exploring.
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