Wanting Is Good

Wanting Is Good

Embrace Your Desires and Live Life to the Fullest

Desire is an essential part of life and should not be demonized. It can be used positively to propel us forward and it can also be used negatively if we pursue choices that don't serve us. It is important to acknowledge and express our desires rather than make ourselves smaller.

We often try to conform to what others want, but we are ultimately making choices based on our own desires. We should be more mindful of our own wants and needs, and take time to get clear on what we want. Doing this will allow us to express our true selves and live life to the fullest.

Wanting is good and necessary; it's how life unfolds and allows us to experience new things and expand our perspective. We should honor our desires and ask if they are in line with our deepest values, so that we don't prevent ourselves from reaching the other side. We should not think of our desires as shameful but as a way to lead us to the life we truly want.

By recognizing, honoring, and trying our desires, we can create more room for love in our lives. We can choose to live a life of wanting and receiving, and see this as a cycle that never ends. We can start to tell ourselves "yes" and open our minds to the possibilities, and try to live a life that's centered around feeling good and doing good for ourselves.

We may find that the life we want is found through pursuing our desires. We should accept and honor what we really want and make it a priority in our lives. We can choose to follow our wants and desires, no matter how superficial or deep they are, and do so without fear of becoming "self-absorbed". We can then pursue our wants and experience a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling.

Key Lessons
  1. We should not be afraid to embrace our desires.
  2. We should ask ourselves if our wants come from a place of gluttony or if they are more meaningful.
  3. Acceptance of our wants and taking action to fulfill them is the key to living the life of our dreams.
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