Using Times of Letting Go Wisely

Using Times of Letting Go Wisely

Late winter is a time when things are given up to prepare for growth and rebirth in the spring. It is a symbol of letting go of the unhelpful to make room for new creation and growth. Winter is a time to go within, to strip away unhealthy habits, and to reflect on who we truly want to be

This period of stillness and reflection can be difficult and uncomfortable, but is necessary to focus on where we want to grow and make progress. Change can be grueling and difficult, but by letting go of false beliefs and focusing on who we really are, we can make it easier on ourselves. We can use dormancy and shedding to become a more ideal version of ourselves and prepare for growth

During quiet periods of reflection and intentional abstinence/fasting, we can consciously choose what we want to grow and let go of what doesn't serve us, allowing our true selves and desires to emerge and be nourished once spring returns.

Key Lessons
  1. Lent is a period of self-reflection and letting go of unhealthy habits.
  2. Focusing on our true selves can make the process of shedding old beliefs easier.
  3. Through reflection and fasting, we can decide what we want to grow and become a more ideal version of ourselves.

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