Too Much Trying

Too Much Trying

We easily fall into the trap of trying to do too much and focusing on just one dimension of life. We think more effort and focus is the solution to not having what we want, but it's really about the energy behind the doing. We need to learn to slow down, let go, and take in something else.

We often try too hard to achieve our goals, but life is meant to be a co-creative experience and we need to learn to yield and do less to make more progress. Trying too hard can stunt our growth and slow us down, but by balancing our efforts we can be replenished and get closer to our goals. We often assume that constant effort and striving is the only way to achieve our desired outcomes, but it is important to listen to our discomfort and take stock of our balance in order to find true satisfaction and fulfillment.

We need to balance our striving and doing with listening, cooperating, and being receptive to life. Rather than try to conquer life, we should learn to participate in it and be nourished and guided by it. We are already whole and complete and life is waiting for us to experience it.

We can find wholeness and completeness within ourselves by looking inward and getting to know who and what we truly are. We can balance our doing and being to find alignment with ourselves and with life, and in doing so, find the reflection we want without changing the mirror. We already possess the wholeness we seek, and it's our job to rediscover it and align our expression with it in order to find alignment in the world.

Key Lessons
  1. We can find balance between our efforts and being receptive to life.
  2. We can find wholeness and completeness within ourselves by looking inward.
  3. We can find alignment with ourselves and with life without having to change the mirror.

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