There's Only One Direction

There's Only One Direction

The Forward March: Leaving the Past Behind and Embracing Life's Fullness

We can't go back in time and recreate past successes. We have to accept life on its own terms, cooperate, and participate in it in order to reap the rewards and fulfill our own life. We have to ask ourselves if we're doing too much, playing a role that isn't ours.

We can get too invested in trying to control our lives, which can lead to conflict and resistance. The cost of this resistance will be felt. However, we can't go backwards, and trying to do so will be imbued with the energy of the pain we're trying to escape.

We must choose to cooperate with life instead. We cannot move backwards and recreate the past, we can only move forward and create something new. If we want change, we have to experience it, and worrying only feeds our fears and pain, it doesn't actually do anything.

We often worry about the past and potential futures, trying to control them, but this isn't possible and it keeps us stuck in pain and fear. We must choose to move forward, cooperating with life and creation to find the courage to create our way out of our pain and live our way out of our fear. Cooperation is the way to get what we want and live a life that is fully alive.

Instead of resisting, we can choose to co-create and participate in life.

Key Lessons
  1. We cannot recreate our past successes.
  2. Worrying about the past and potential futures is a fruitless endeavor.
  3. Cooperation is the key to getting what we want and living a life that is fully alive.
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