The Most Common Desire

The Most Common Desire

Decoding Your Innermost Desires to Live a Life Full of Love and Joy

Have you ever paused to wonder what truly fuels your innermost desires? As your guide on this journey, I will share fascinating insights into how understanding and acknowledging these deep-seated wants can lead to a profound sense of self-awareness. We will unravel the significance of identifying what fills your heart with joy, and discuss practical ways to infuse more of this into your life, even when the going gets tough.

In the second half of our journey, we explore the transformative power of conscious choice. We delve into the art of inviting more love and joy into our existence via intentional actions while nurturing a strong sense of self-awareness. I will share with you the profound notion that life is a mirror reflecting our inner state, and hence a loving attitude often culminates in a life abundant with love and joy. As we conclude our journey, we will broach the delicate subject of fear and pain, learning how to navigate these as teachers, while remaining connected to love and life. I am looking forward to sharing this enlightening journey with you.


(0:00:20) - The Importance of Following Your Desires
(0:12:12) - Choosing Love and Joy in Life
(0:27:45) - Fully Connected Life Through Love


(0:00:20) - The Importance of Following Your Desires (12 Minutes)

I discuss the importance of desire and wanting in our lives. I believe that one of the best ways to know ourselves is by understanding what we truly want deep down. The most common desire we all have is for love, and it is essential to enrich our lives by figuring out what we love and bringing more of that into our lives. Unfortunately, when times get hard, joy is often one of the first things we quit, and this isn't a very healthy or enriching long-term strategy. We can re-center our life around our core desire by practicing appreciation, generosity, kindness, and gratitude to ourselves and others. By doing this, we can live a life we love and make sure that our best life is our most loved life.

(0:12:12) - Choosing Love and Joy in Life (16 Minutes)

I explore how we can bring more love and joy into our lives by taking intentional action. I emphasize the importance of connecting with ourselves by establishing our own self-awareness and intentionally valuing love and joy. I discuss how we can start by simply entertaining the idea of what we want to do and how we want to feel. I also highlight the power of making conscious choices in our lives, such as choosing to believe that life can be filled with love and joy despite the negativity that exists in the world. Finally, I emphasize that life reflects our inner state and when we go out into the world with a loving attitude, it is often what we get back.

(0:27:45) - Fully Connected Life Through Love (2 Minutes)

We can look at how to move forward with fear and pain while still living a full life. We can allow fear and pain to teach us and learn from them. We can connect with love and express love in our life. We can live in the community of love and live a life of love and a loved life.

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