The Gift of the Failure of Will

The Gift of the Failure of Will

We often take pride in our independence, self-sufficiency, and ability to do things ourselves, but life is more than just effort and will. We miss out on the richness of life if we become too focused on our own doing, and this is why failure of will can be a gift, even if it doesn't feel like one at first. We often get caught up in our own thoughts and desires, but this can lead to feeling incomplete and competitive.

To progress, we must become whole and aligned with the energy of life, creation, and service. We are here to express and cooperate with life energy, rather than try to conquer it through our own will. Doing so can lead to a more effortless and enjoyable life, where we can give up taking credit for our own achievements.

Our will and striving to achieve can ultimately lead us to a sense of loneliness and disconnection from life, but when our efforts fail, it can also open a door to reconnection, true unity, and wholeness. We are all a part of immensity and our striving to replace this connection can never really satisfy us. The failure of our will is a benevolent hand leading us back to wholeness and balance.

When we encounter failure, it can be a gift, allowing us to learn that life is more than our expectations. We can use this experience to open ourselves to more listening, receiving, cooperation, service, and giving, and to explore our own wholeness, balance, and purpose in life. By shifting our point of identification, our expressions and life will shift too.

We all have the power to choose our path in life, and the reflection of our choices will shape our journey. In times of failure, disappointment, and stagnation, we can dig deeper to express our true selves and manifest a life we truly desire.

Key Lessons
  1. Failure of will can be a gift, allowing us to reconnect with the energy of life and creation.
  2. By shifting our point of identification and embracing our true selves, we can use failure and disappointment to manifest the life we truly desire.
  3. Life is more than just our own efforts and listening, receiving, and giving can help us to remember this.

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