The Gift of Being

The Gift of Being

The Art of Just Being: Escaping the Trap of Overthinking and Embracing the Gift of Existence

Humans have the superpower of being able to ponder our own existence, but if overused it can become a burden. Mindfulness and meditation can reveal the noise and commentary our minds are constantly making, coloring our experience and setting us up for disappointment. The best way to simplify is to just exist and be underneath the thinking and judgments.

We always have the gift of just being, which brings peace, joy, appreciation, and gratitude. We are part of existence and creation, with a say in what we do and how we experience it. Taking time to be present in the moment can help us to remember this and be grounded and centered.

We can get caught up in thinking about achievement, accumulation and how we're perceived, but we can use mindfulness to reconnect with our fundamental state of existence and being. Experiencing our senses, connecting to being and finding a balance between hot and cold energies can help us live in a state of possibility and escape any limiting roles or assumptions. When feeling confused or uncertain, it's important to focus on being rather than trying to force a solution.

Waiting and being patient gives clarity and allows us to act when the time is right, resulting in a better experience and getting what we want. Instead of jumping into action when we don't know what to do, we can focus on our being and let solutions come to us. We can let go of trying to make things happen and just be.

When we do this, we can experience a state of supreme equality.

Key Lessons
  1. We have the superpower to ponder our existence, but overusing it can be burdensome.
  2. Mindfulness and meditation can help us recognize the noise and judgments in our minds.
  3. Taking time to be present in the moment can lead to a state of supreme equality and peace.
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