The Direction We Chose to Grow

The Direction We Chose to Grow

Intentional Living: Choosing Your Own Growth and Values

We all have the choice and ability to decide which direction we grow in life. We are constantly growing towards the source of our nourishment, the object of our pursuit, and the desired outcomes we want to create. Knowing what we have been growing towards is key to being intentional and creating change, and self-awareness is necessary to doing this consciously.

To live an intentional life, one must be honest and aware of their intentions and strive for complete self-awareness. It's not easy, but it's necessary to get to the truth and truth brings clarity, freedom, and peace. The truth must be sought after wholly, and its value is delivered through its wholeness.

We have the choice to face and live the truth or to live a difficult and complicated life. But if we choose to face the truth, we can then choose how to grow and what to value, and this will be reflected externally as well. Self-knowledge and awareness are necessary to create change.

We have the power to choose the direction we grow in and the truth that sets us free is understanding ourselves deeply enough to make informed choices. Intention and vision are key in creating the life experience we desire and by doing so, we will be able to experience more of what we choose to grow towards. We are given the power to determine our own growth and the values that shape our lives.

What we choose to prioritize and cultivate will expand or limit our experiences.

Key Lessons
  1. We are in control of our growth and values.
  2. Intention and vision are essential for creating the life experience we desire.
  3. Self-awareness is required for making informed choices about how to grow and what to value.
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