The Difference Between Thinking, Talking, and Doing

Manifestation follows the steps of idea, knowing, speaking, doing, and being. The process begins with an initial idea or "word" which is then shaped and molded through thinking, speaking, and doing. We can learn to run the creative process more intentionally by understanding the stages of inspiration, thinking, speaking, doing, and being.

When something isn't manifesting, we can review the process to see where it is getting stuck or going off on a tangent. Fear is often the reason for getting stuck in the creative process, as it can be uncomfortable to confront. It can be helpful to develop a relationship with fear, as it can help bring to light which parts of ourselves need attention.

We can get stuck before the “doing” phase, as it can be safer to keep things in the potential realm. We must go through the creative process all the way to manifest our desires. We need to take action and apply our knowledge in order to transition from non-being to being.

Willingness to do and try can help us overcome fear and negative beliefs, allowing the right action to come in its inspired form. We all come to life to create, experience, and express our true selves. The creative process requires both ideas and energy.

We must resist fear and allow inspiration to flow through us to manifest our desires and idealized version of ourselves. We can start living our idealized visions and desires today, no matter how grand they may seem. Allow ourselves to feel and express the truth of who we are, and follow our inspired action as it arises.

Life is a cycle of desire and satisfaction, so go along with it instead of resisting. We can always choose the more ideal from wherever we are and whatever we do, becoming a more idealized version of ourselves and living a more idealized version of life. This is our journey to perfection and union with spirit.

Key Lessons
  1. Fear can be present in the creative process, but it is important to confront it and take action in order to manifest our desires.
  2. We can start living our idealized visions and desires today, and should choose the more ideal from wherever we are.
  3. This journey to perfection and union with spirit is a journey we can take now.
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