The Alchemy of Physical and Spiritual

The Alchemy of Physical and Spiritual

We are both physical and energy beings, and it's important to strike a balance between the two to ensure we are living in harmony. It can be difficult to transition from a focus on the physical to one of energy, but it is necessary to truly be alive. Our physical and spiritual sides are both important and need to be balanced.

Spiritual energy flows better when our physical body is taken care of. We should not devalue either side, as they are both necessary. We must balance our spiritual and physical sides in order to increase our consciousness and enjoy life.

Feeling good is essential and is the best indication of alignment, so we should strive to make ourselves feel good in both aspects. We can find wholeness and completeness by uniting our physical and spiritual selves, taking time to nourish and enjoy both and honoring both sides of our dual being. This is the real joy and reward of life, as it leads to experiencing the state of being that is feeling good.

When feeling unbalanced, it is important to ask ourselves questions to find out if the physical or spiritual side of us needs more attention. This is how we can return to balance and a full, enriching life.

Key Lessons
  1. Striking a balance between physical and spiritual aspects is essential for living a full and harmonious life.
  2. We must nourish and honor both sides of our being in order to increase consciousness and feel good.
  3. By uniting physical and spiritual sides, we can experience true joy and fulfillment.
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