Revenge vs Redemption

Revenge vs Redemption

Redeeming the Past: Finding Opportunities for a Positive Future

We have the choice to either accept or resist life's flow, but it is still always moving. Negative events can lead to a desire for revenge, but this sets us up for difficulty in life. We can strive to create a better future without undoing our past.

We often try to "undo" our past by pushing against it, but this only locks us into repetitive patterns, keeps the past alive, and often leads to our worst fears being realized. We become bonded to our past and carry it into the future, but this approach can be automatic and reflexive, rather than helping us break away. We often try to control our lives to prevent the same things from happening again, but this prevents us from fully inhabiting our present.

Instead of pushing against our past, we can work to redeem it and find the positivity in it, so that we can live our ideal future with the less ideal parts of our past included. We have the choice to accept our past and learn to transmute the pain and suffering into something positive. We can flow with life, instead of fighting against it, striving for redemption instead of revenge.

No matter what happens to us, there is always an opportunity to make something good out of something bad. We can resolve our conflicts with the past by looking for the opportunities to redeem them, seeing the good and the positive in them. We can move on when these experiences have fulfilled their purpose and said all they need to say.

Asking ourselves how we can redeem our past experiences can help us find the positive and allow us to move forward.

Key Lessons
  1. We have the choice to either accept or resist life’s flow.
  2. Rather than trying to undo the past, we can strive to redeem it by looking for opportunities to make something positive out of it.
  3. By allowing our experiences to fulfill their purpose and say all they need to say, we can move on to our ideal future.
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