Not Being Afraid of What We Want

Not Being Afraid of What We Want

How to Break Free from Self-Suppression and Embrace Desires

Are you ready to unlock the power of self-acceptance? Prepare yourself for a journey that will unravel your true desires, and arm you with the tools to face your fears and embrace your failures head-on. This episode shares personal anecdotes, insightful advice, and thought-provoking exercises designed to help you recognize your aspirations and the potentially damaging effects of suppressing them.

Imagine a life where you're not battling against yourself, but instead, collaborating with your desires to achieve personal success and happiness. We explore this concept directly, dissecting how fear can push us away from what we genuinely want and how our life experiences can be hindered if we're not fully comfortable with who we are. It's a deep dive into the power of acceptance and self-appreciation, and how these elements can fundamentally change our lives for the better.

But remember, self-acceptance isn't just about understanding our desires; it's about granting ourselves the permission to pursue them. This means acknowledging our fears, embracing our failures, and appreciating the journey. It's about living a meaningful, joyful experience that respects our true selves. You don't want to miss this episode - it's a blueprint for living a life on your terms. Prepare to revolutionize your perception of self-worth and personal fulfillment. Tune in and let's get started.


(0:00:20) - Knowing What You Want
(0:05:23) - The Power of Accepting Ourselves
(0:14:27) - Embracing Self-Appreciation and Exploration
(0:25:17) - Embrace Failure, Pursue Your Desires


(0:00:20) - Knowing What You Want (5 Minutes)

We explore the importance of knowing what we want and why it can be difficult sometimes. I share my experiences of trying to deny my own desires and how it can lead to stagnation and a feeling of being stuck. I explain why it's so important to accept what we want and to be comfortable with our own desires to live a full life.

(0:05:23) - The Power of Accepting Ourselves (9 Minutes)

We discuss how our true desires, dreams, and wants are a fundamental part of us, speaking to us and calling us forward. We explore how fear can cause us to make choices that are away from what we truly want and how our life experiences can be blocked if we are not fully comfortable with ourselves. We consider the potential harms and benefits of accepting ourselves fully and completely, desires and all.

(0:14:27) - Embracing Self-Appreciation and Exploration (11 Minutes)

We examine the power of acceptance and appreciation for ourselves. I discuss how an open, full, and wholehearted life is the best life and how making peace with ourselves and our true desires can help us move forward. I explore how we can shift our effort from fighting against ourselves to working with ourselves and how, while it is not an instant manifestation, it still has the potential to make our lives much better. Lastly, I explain how we can use our imagination to explore our ideal life without the fear of making plans or taking action.

(0:25:17) - Embrace Failure, Pursue Your Desires (5 Minutes)

We look at how crucial it is to explore what we really want and give ourselves permission to pursue it. I discuss how our desires, dreams, and wants can push us forward and how fear can be a hindrance to living our best lives. I explain how acknowledging, accepting, and appreciating ourselves is essential for us to have a meaningful and joyful experience, and how we can take steps to ensure we are living in a way that respects our true selves.

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