Honoring Passivity in an Active World

Honoring Passivity in an Active World

Finding Balance Through Action and Passivity

Our culture values action over passivity, but to live a full, joyful life, we need to develop both. Recognizing where we're out of balance and nourishing the unbalanced part of ourselves is important to reach our goals. Life is a conversation between projecting and receiving; it's a balance between pushing and pulling.

We can become stagnant by being too focused on action and striving, which can generate long-term stress. We can choose to be active or passive in life, and should learn to let go of our problems and allow ourselves to relax. We often feel pressure to constantly be active and achieve, but taking time to rest and relax can be just as important.

Intentionally not doing something can set us up for more effective and efficient action. Taking a break from doing allows us to see more options and expand our possibilities. To create different outcomes in life, we must learn to shift out of active states into a more passive one.

This can be done through practices such as meditation, taking a walk or a bath, playing with children or animals, and allowing thoughts and sensations to be experienced without agenda. This leads to greater awareness and appreciation of life and can be a powerful tool to solve problems and heal pain. Being is just as important as doing; we can reconnect with our passive state at any time and use it to become whole again and create change, rather than relying on our frantic action.

We can free ourselves from our overdeveloped action and learn to return to passivity and being. We strive for change to feel whole, but wholeness already exists within us. Connecting with our being through passive moments helps us find the balance and direction needed to achieve our goals.

Key Lessons
  1. Intentionally taking breaks, meditating, or simply allowing our thoughts and sensations to exist without agenda can help us achieve balance and direction.
  2. Wholeness already exists within us, and by connecting to our passive moments, we can find the balance between action and passivity.
  3. Developing this balance can help us lead a full and joyful life.
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