Growing What You Want To Harvest

Life is a balance between doing and not doing, action and reflection. It's important to live a life that we actually want to harvest and make sure our desires don't consume us. We must remember to pay attention to our duties and obligations and also to our dreams and desires.

We should strive for a life filled with joy, passion, and enthusiasm, rather than one of drudgery and just fulfilling obligations. We should make sure to prioritize meaningful experiences, instead of just doing what needs to be done. Doing our "vegetables" is important, but we should still make sure to enjoy life.

We can easily get out of balance by abandoning passion and joy. This can lead to a passionless and joyless life, which can be draining, and can cause us to feel exhausted. We need to include joy and passion into our lives in order to feel alive and engaged.

We're meant to live a life that feels good and nurtures our whole selves. To do this, we need to work towards things we actually want and intentionally grow what we want to harvest. We can reconnect with these parts of ourselves and start to notice what we want to be saved from.

Finding joy and passion in life requires understanding what fits us best and creating space to pursue what we want. We can start to turn the dial by reorienting and refocusing, while still largely doing what we do now. Step by step, we move closer to creating the life we want.

Key Lessons
  1. We should prioritize meaningful experiences and include joy and passion into our lives.
  2. Rather than living a life of drudgery and just doing what needs to be done, we should work towards things we actually want.
  3. We can start to create the life we want by reorienting and refocusing while still doing what we do now.
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