Go to Where the Energy Is

We often construct beliefs about how our lives are meant to unfold, but it's important to question these beliefs and assumptions to ensure we're cooperating with life rather than creating an agenda that doesn't align with our reality. We should also consider that there may be more efficient or logical ways to do things than what we initially assume. We can improve our decision making and life experience by considering energy alongside logic.

Instead of falling into a routine based on logical order, we should consider which task has the most energy and use the balance of thinking and feeling to create a richer life. We can create change in our lives by listening to our feelings and choosing things based on where the energy is. Ignoring our feelings and relying solely on our thoughts can lead to burnout.

To create change, we need to be open to new ideas, beliefs and experiences by doing things differently and listening to our energy. We can break out of stuck patterns and burnout by listening to our feelings and trusting them. This allows us to live a full life with our full selves, experiencing life with all of its possibilities.

Key Lessons
  1. We should question our beliefs and assumptions about how our lives should unfold.
  2. We should balance thinking and feeling to create a richer life experience.
  3. Trusting our energy can help us break out of stuck patterns and burnout.
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