Daring to Stop

Daring to Stop

The Profound Echoes of Consciousness: An Odyssey of Surrender

Do you ever feel like you're always in a rush, always chasing something, yet you always end up feeling exhausted and unsatisfied? What if the secret to fulfillment lies not in relentless pursuit but in surrendering? This episode takes you on a journey of self-discovery as we explore the paradoxes of life, the art of stopping and allowing, and how surrendering can reconnect us with our deepest selves. We delve into the often overlooked aspect of our lives: our feelings and emotions. We discuss how overzealous actions could be covering our own discomfort and anxiety, and illuminating this can help us realize that life is not just a quantitative game; it's also a qualitative one.

Have you ever questioned if life is merit-based or if there’s more to it? We challenge the societal norms that glorify achievements and merits, and ponder on the vital role grace plays in our lives. We discuss how our life experiences - even the seemingly illogical ones - are profound reflections of our consciousness. We also stress that while no one can save us, we are in control of our own lives.

So, are you ready to challenge your beliefs and possibly change your approach to life? Tune in and join our enlightening discussion.


(0:00:20) - Letting Go and Surrendering
(0:09:26) - Choice and Surrender's Power


(0:00:20) - Letting Go and Surrendering (9 Minutes)

We explore the value of stopping, allowing, and letting go. We discuss how easy it can be to get overly invested in our own thinking and overlook our own feeling, and how doing too much can actually be a compensation for our own anxiety and discomfort. We examine how life can be both a qualitative and a quantitative game, and that the experience of our lives is a reflection of who we are and how we feel. We reflect on how our thinking can be an unreliable narrator and how we should not always follow it, as inspired action is always better than frenzied action. We examine how it can be easy to miss out on the larger part of ourselves if we are only involved in our thinking and not our feeling.

(0:09:26) - Choice and Surrender's Power (15 Minutes)

We discuss how our culture and upbringings may have taught us to overvalue merit and achievement. We ponder the idea that life is not necessarily merit-based, and that creativity, manifestation, growth, and change can be more predicated on grace. We look at the idea that our life is a reflection of our own consciousness, and that our experiences can be illogical yet meaningful. We examine the difference between someone who struggles versus someone who is charmed, and how we can craft and design our own life. We reflect on the idea that although no one can save us, we are ultimately responsible and in control of our own life.

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