Circumstance As Effect Rather Than Cause

Discovering Our Own Meaning and Truth in Life

We can use our senses to gain present moment awareness and understand the world we live in. Ultimately, truth and meaning are subjective and personal, and we can use our own experience, perspective, thinking, beliefs, and values to understand our own lives. Meaning is not fixed and can evolve with us as we learn and grow.

Life is fluid and dynamic, not static and confined, and hope for change is possible. We must be honest about what we really want, as what we think we want may be different once we get it. We often try to control our life circumstances in order to create the experience we want but this is misguided as circumstance is an effect, not a cause.

It's easier to focus on one circumstance, but any number of circumstances can create the same experience. We can try to control our lives by creating plans and reducing the steps to get what we want, but this can block the flow of life and prevent us from getting what we want. Instead, we should be open to different possibilities and understand that it's the outcome that matters, not the circumstance.

We can use awareness to understand the effect of desire and to open ourselves up to life and creation so that what we want can come to us. We get to choose our attitudes and beliefs to create our own truth and lead us to deeper, more meaningful understandings.

Key Lessons
  1. We should be open to different possibilities and use our awareness to understand the effect of desire.
  2. We can create our own truth by choosing our attitudes and beliefs.
  3. Our truth and meaning in life is a personal journey and evolves with us as we learn and grow.
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