Choosing What Matters Is What Matters

The Path Less Miserable: Crafting a Fulfilling Life

When we want to create change in our lives, we often start by making different choices and looking at what we are currently doing to see how we can alter it. However, to make lasting change, we must also look at the purpose and motivation behind our choices, to ensure that they are an accurate reflection of who we truly are. We may think that we have to struggle to achieve our goals, but often this is an unnecessary route.

Instead, looking at the feelings we want to experience and allowing them to come in more unpredictably can be more beneficial. We can choose to feel a certain way regardless of our circumstances and we should never give up on our dreams just because of fear. We can create paths from anywhere to anywhere, and it doesn't have to be a miserable experience to get what we want.

Change can be better created by changing the outcomes we're pursuing to better align with our own unique value system. This shift can allow us to find easier paths to what we want and to feel the way we want without waiting for perfect circumstances. We have control over our lives and can create the feelings we desire by taking time to reflect on what we truly want and how we can achieve it.

We can pursue passion and joy through meaningful experiences, or realize that in the present moment, we don't lack anything, which is the real wealth and abundance we seek. Get clear on what matters to you, and start living that now. Experiment and see where it takes you.

Change your life by changing your pursuits to reflect who you really are. Walk with the destination and experience the feelings you want to create along the way.

Key Lessons
  1. We can create the feelings we desire without waiting for perfect circumstances.
  2. Shifting our goals to better align with our values can better achieve change.
  3. Get clear on what matters to us and start living that now.
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