Choosing a Life of Yes

Choosing a Life of Yes

Living a More Fulfilled Life: Harnessing Positivity and Intention

Have you ever considered the influence your choices, focus, and values have on your life? What if you could shift your thoughts from 'no' to 'yes' and experience a profound change in your mood and vision? In our latest conversation, we delve into this fascinating concept, revealing how such a simple shift can unleash a cascade of positivity and growth, and disrupt the toxic trifecta of fear, worry, and doubt.

We further venture into the transformative power of intention, demonstrating how a change in our focus can shape our experiences and even rewire our brains. Our minds, we explain, are extraordinary pattern-finding machines, and by consciously choosing to dwell on the positive, we can lead lives that feel good. Embracing the momentum of positivity, we assert, can guide our life choices and help us manifest a fulfilling existence, despite the inevitable downsides.

As we conclude our discussion, we share insights on how to stay grounded in the present moment and remain mindful of our intentions and feelings. Our thoughts and intentions, we acknowledge, hold the power to shift our perspectives, and catalyze meaningful changes in our lives. Join us on this enlightening journey of positive living, and let’s together embrace the transformative power of positive thinking!


(0:00:20) - Shifting Focus From No to Yes
(0:10:23) - The Power of Choosing Positive Thoughts
(0:16:27) - The Power of Positive Living


(0:00:20) - Shifting Focus From No to Yes (10 Minutes)

We explore how our choices, focus and values have a dramatic effect on our mood and life. We discuss the idea of shifting our focus from no to yes, and how this simple shift can have profound effects. It is easy to focus on the negative, but we get to choose to focus on the positive and how this can be challenging. We also consider how fear, worry and doubt can be used to control people, and how to use the idea of yes to bring up feelings of positivity and growth. Finally, we talk about how our lives are unfinished and always have more to experience and live.

(0:10:23) - The Power of Choosing Positive Thoughts (6 Minutes)

We discuss the power of intention and how our focus dictates our experience. Through practice, we can re-orient ourselves to a different energy and tap into a natural antidepressant. Shifting our focus to the positive can change our outlook and our brains become brilliant pattern-finding machines. Acknowledging this can help us to notice the positive, leading to a life that feels good.

(0:16:27) - The Power of Positive Living (14 Minutes)

The importance of orienting ourselves towards the positive and away from the negative is discussed. The difference between daydreaming about something and actually having it in terms of our experience is considered. It is recognized that our life experience is based on feeling and that our life either feels good or it feels bad. The power of momentum and how it affects our life choices is acknowledged. The idea of practicing and living a life that feels better and how this has a persistent effect on our life is looked into. Finally, it is emphasized that choosing to include things in our life and focus on the positive is worth it even if it comes with downsides.

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