Change Starts with Us

Change Starts with Us

We often want change, but struggle to decide what exactly we want to change. Our desire for change can feel like we want less, but really we just want more relief, peace and joy. Relief is being saved from something, which is why it is a powerful emotion.

All change starts with us and it's up to us to create change by knowing what we want and understanding that we are the creative power in our own lives. We can intentionally create change by setting a vision and introducing a new idea of what could be. We have the freedom to desire and aspire to whatever we want, and when we make a decision to do something or be something, we set change into motion.

Though it may take time for our desires to manifest, they do come through in perfect timing and precision. Oftentimes, what we want the most isn't what we're trying the hardest to get, but instead a lesson to learn. We can trust that we can get from the beginning to the end of our creation if we stay out of the middle and have faith in ourselves and our own decisions.

All we need to know is the beginning and the end, and the middle will fill itself in.

Key Lessons
  1. Relief, peace and joy are the emotions that motivate us to create change.
  2. We need to set a vision and have faith in our decisions for change to manifest.
  3. We need to trust that the middle of our desired change will fill itself in.
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