All Ideas Are the Same Size, Part 1

All Ideas Are the Same Size, Part 1

All ideas are the same size, inherently undefined and unconditioned. We often prejudge ideas before understanding them, labeling them as big/small, safe/risky, and unlikely/likely. This can be helpful for protection, but can also keep us from pursuing the bigger, riskier ideas that may be the ones we need.

Risk and danger are inevitable in life, but there is value in living, as the good usually outweighs the bad. It's important to embrace big ideas that come our way, rather than dismiss them out of fear or worry. We must align ourselves with all parts of ourselves in order to live life with and through our full selves.

We can get stuck in repetitive cycles out of a desire for control and perfection, when in nature straight lines are rarely found. We must embrace change and be open to being shaped by our environment, allowing ideas to take shape without fear of judgement or risk. We can trust ourselves to assess our own ideas without fear or judgement.

We develop self-awareness to know and express our true selves and to find expression in the world without censoring our true essence.

Key Lessons
  1. We must be open to change and embrace big ideas.
  2. We must trust our own judgement.
  3. We must align ourselves with all parts of our true selves.
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