Adding More Self to Yourself

Adding More Self to Yourself

The Enlightening Journey of Self-Inclusion: A Path to Fulfillment and Balance

Has life left you feeling unfulfilled and disconnected? Are you constantly prioritizing others over yourself, feeling lost in the crowd? In our latest episode, we unravel the delicate balance between self-centeredness and consideration of others. We dissect human behavior, digging deep into the roles we play in life, our intentions, and how our family background shapes our level of self-centeredness. We also tackle the dangers of living for others at the expense of losing our own identities, and how striking a balance between self and others leads to a more satisfying existence.

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-inclusion, an essential piece of the puzzle that's often overlooked due to societal pressures. We're challenging you to choose yourself, not as an act of selfishness, but as an act of inclusivity. Learn how to add more 'self' to your life and build a life of greater confidence and fulfillment. We wrap up the conversation by exploring how to find the win-win path in life, a life that respects both your needs and those of others. Tune in and let's discover the keys to a fulfilling life together!


(0:00:20) - Consideration of Self and Others
(0:15:47) - The Importance of Self-Inclusion
(0:21:29) - Finding the Win-Win Path in Life


(0:00:20) - Consideration of Self and Others (15 Minutes)

We explore the idea of self-centeredness and how it relates to our lives. We discuss the idea of doing things for ourselves and how there is a spectrum between self-centeredness and considering others. We look to our life and consider how intentionality plays a role and how easily it can slip when we stop considering ourselves. We consider how our family systems can have a role in our self-centeredness and how our choices affect our lives. Lastly, we need to find a balance between considering ourselves and considering others in order to have a more fulfilling life.

(0:15:47) - The Importance of Self-Inclusion (6 Minutes)

We consider how we can express our consciousness and expand it. We explore the way that our society pressures us to choose others over ourselves, and how this can lead us to feel lost and unfulfilled. We recognize that choosing ourselves is not selfish, but an act of inclusivity. We discuss the idea of adding more self to ourselves, building a fuller life and greater confidence, and taking into account what the next best step for ourselves feels like by considering what we actually want and what is nourishing. Ultimately, we recognize that finding and living the full life that is actually ours is only accomplished through living through our full selves.

(0:21:29) - Finding the Win-Win Path in Life (2 Minutes)

We discuss the importance of living life fully and the idea of finding a balance between giving and receiving. We look at how we can create and participate in an expanded consciousness that benefits everyone, while also including ourselves in the choices we make. We explore how we can find a way to live that honors and respects both ourselves and others.

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