What is Missing is Commitment

Understanding the power of commitment for manifestation and growth. When we are stuck, when things aren't happening for us, sometimes we need to fully commit to be able to move forward.
Change is an inevitable part of life, and yet it often feels like an incredibly daunting and elusive process. We all want to reach our goals and live life to the fullest, but often find ourselves struggling to find the missing piece that will get us there. The answer lies in understanding the importance of commitment, and the delicate balance between action and passivity.

Manifestation and growth are complicated processes, but when we look back on them they can seem effortless. In reality, they take a lot of effort to achieve and the missing piece of the puzzle is often related to our concepts of who we really are, what we really deserve, and where we really belong. Striving too hard or being too passive both act as forms of resistance and fear, so the key is to find balance between action and passivity. It is only when we commit to something fully and invest our belief in it that we can be sure of achieving our dreams and goals.

Life is an ongoing process, and sometimes it takes us hurting or failing to realize that we need to grow. It takes us eluding something to realize that we weren't pursuing it with our full selves. The strong desires we feel in life are there for a reason, and it is important to trust that life will reflect back to us our own ideas and beliefs about ourselves. That is why it is essential to take time to reflect internally and to be fully invested in what we are trying to achieve. Instead of forcing things or trying to control our environment, we should focus on cultivating an attitude of non-resistance and trust that the universe has our back.

Ultimately, the challenge, disappointment, and commitment to our goals is what keeps life interesting and compelling. Without the give and take of satisfaction and disappointment, life would become dull and things wouldn't mean as much. Commitment is the key to unlocking our true potential, and it is only when we truly commit to something that we can start living our best lives.

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