Utilizing the Power of Intention

Utilizing the Power of Intention


Using intention to create a life illuminated by your own internal light. Discovering and living with the true power of intention in our own lives.
We all have the power to create our own experiences and set intentions that will shape our lives. It is very important that we understand which part of us grabs on to information and how we use it. We can use this awareness to determine which part of us is rising up and what part needs attention.

The power of intention can be overwhelming or lead to an overconfidence, and it is essential to draw intentions from a place of true, honest self-awareness. We should use our intention to cultivate something bigger, deeper and more rewarding than just our own material gain. It is also important to keep in mind that we cannot intend for ourselves things that we don’t believe.

Life is a harmony between the inside and the outside, and our internal state, awareness, and consciousness matters. We can use the power of intention to create something better and more positive in our lives. We can understand our intentions from different parts of ourselves, paying attention to which parts light up and which parts need attention.

By counting our gratitudes and connecting with our core, we can access this part of ourselves and choose which part of ourselves we set our intentions from. This will affect our experience and our day-to-day life. Ultimately, we can use our intention to create a life illuminated by our own internal light.

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