Trying Again

Learning to embrace failure, growth, and expression in life. Learning to try again, integrating the lessons and guidance life is giving us.
Failure and trying again are unavoidable aspects of life. We can learn from our mistakes and make decisions based on the experience and feedback we gain. However, this requires courage and faith; a step back and an evaluation of the whole truth. It requires looking at our failures and trying again in a different light, and making decisions based on wisdom rather than fear.

Courage is essential to facing failure and attempting something again. It can be hard to keep pushing forward when something didn't work out the first time, especially when it is of great importance to us. But, the sting of failure can be endured, and we can renegotiate our relationship with it by paying attention and bringing awareness into any aspect of life.

We can express our true selves by pursuing what we want. We must remember that failure can be a helpful teacher and that we can always choose to try again, no matter the circumstances.

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