The Illusion of Finding Ourselves Through Others

Achieving balance within through personal growth. Learning to find our way by getting to know ourselves, our real selves, better.
In our lives, it is easy to get caught up in the pursuit of external validation, but true and lasting positive change can only come from within. Growth is an individual process, and although involving others to make it happen as quickly as possible may be tempting, overdependence on them will not only slow down progress but also prevent the desired change.

A good example of this is when we think our current living situation isn't quite right and fantasize about moving to a different place, believing this will solve all our problems. But our experience of life would be drastically altered only if a combination of conditions are met. Furthermore, even when attempting to explain why we are where we are, our explanations usually fall short.

It is important to remember that our true identity is not as vulnerable to external influences as we may think. We must rely on our own experiences and wisdom to determine what we want and to ensure our beliefs and concepts do not conflict with our desired outcomes. Achieving balance between external and internal influences is key to avoiding alienation and anxiety.

Integrating our outsides and insides is essential for creating meaningful change. This means living in a way where our outsides are an accurate representation of who we are and our insides are properly supported by our external environment. We must consider whether our desired changes are natural and true to our identity before implementing them.

Ultimately, for anything meaningful, there are no shortcuts. We have to go through the process of understanding and experiencing in order to make it last. Aligning our beliefs more towards who we really are will bring our insides and outsides into balance. Then we can be sure our outsides are a true reflection of ourselves and our insides are supported by our external environment.

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