The Garden and The Flower

The Garden and The Flower


Exploring the path of non-duality & unifying self-awareness. An analogy about the illusion of separateness between us and our environment.
We are not meant to understand our lives from the outside in; if we focus on what is outside of us, we miss the point of our existence. Our lives are meant to be explored from the inside out and this exploration begins with rediscovering and reacquainting ourselves with ourselves. We all have a unique energy that flows through us and it is up to us to recognize it, to be true to it, and to be brave enough to open up to it.

It is impossible to separate ourselves from our environment and circumstances; they are intertwined and the result of both our contribution and the contribution of our environment. We can influence and affect our experience by making changes to both our internal and external environment. We can sense when we are not aligned with our true selves and when we are bending and modifying the energy that flows through us.

The answers to questions about our life experience cannot be found in external things. We are led to the truth by first experiencing things that aren't true. We come from a unity to experience individuality, and on our journey to reclaiming our unity again it is essential that we take in the amazing life we have and give back something that adds onto it. By exploring ideas deeply, we can start to see the connections and insights that are available to us. We can learn the valuable lessons that come with understanding the limitations of our vanity and ego. Finding the true answers to our questions and purpose in life lies within us; it is not something that can be achieved through external means. Once we figure out who we really are, we do not have to try that hard anymore; we must remove the obstacles in the way of being our true selves.

Our lives are precious and full of potential; we must put in the effort to discover who we really are and be brave enough to take steps to follow our path. It is not about fashioning and bolting on some artificial or conjured self, but about uncovering and embracing the person that lies within us. By learning to listen and trust in ourselves, we can uncover our unique energy, our true purpose, and the beauty of our lives.

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