The Art of Waiting

How to develop faith, knowing, and confidence through self-awareness. Waiting is both a skill and a talent, and can be developed through greater awareness.
Waiting is a necessary part of life, and we must learn to accept and embrace it in order to make the most out of our lives. But while we wait with patience and optimism, it can be hard to remain calm and peaceful. We seek to be calm and peaceful not to manipulate or trick ourselves into something, but to truly let go and be present in the moment.

However, we must be careful not to fall into the spiritual bypass, which is the tendency to gloss over our uncomfortable feelings and pretend like everything is fixed. Instead, we need to reconnect with the truth and listen to our feelings and emotions. Doing so can help us address our internal conflicts and the underlying feelings of fear and anxiety.

In order to renegotiate our relationship with waiting, we must develop a sense of knowing, faith, and confidence. Knowing more about ourselves, our thoughts, and our motivations can help us become more self-aware and change our behavior and consciousness. We can also cultivate a sense of knowing and faith through positive experiences, such as focusing our attention and intention on waiting, listening to our thoughts and feelings when making decisions, and prioritizing growth and learning even if it is difficult and painful.

Ultimately, we must remember that waiting is a valuable talent and skill that can be developed. With patience and optimism, we can learn to accept and embrace waiting so that we can make the most out of our lives.

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