The Absence of Desire

Using dormancy to reflect and gain clarity on what matters most. Using times in our life when desire feels absent to get clarity on what we really want, from a place of who we really are and what really matters to us.
Our deepest desires can be used as a way of finding our way through life. They are often dreams, passions, and meanings that light us up and make us feel alive. These desires can act as a barometer of truth-- something we can use to make sense of life and to determine if something is right or wrong for us.

We all go through times when our desires are absent, but it's important to remember that desire is inherent to the human experience and these times are like winter seasons where life is dormant, but eventually this will pass and the spark and motivation of life will return. Winter seasons can feel like a time of dormancy and lack of energy. Reflection can help us to learn something useful from our experiences and gain clarity.

There's also the potential for new growth and rebirth after the darkness. We can use this time to ask ourselves what we desire and need, and learn to be present with our lives. We can use times of dormancy to get clear on what we truly desire and what matters most to us.

The pandemic and its lockdowns provided a gift of clarity on what matters and can help us focus our energy on fewer, more meaningful pursuits. We can use our times of dormancy to uncover what we really want and to practice small changes. We can always choose to act from what we know and expand our knowing by trying.

By doing so, we can make our lives more meaningful and grounded. We should use times of dormancy to reflect on ourselves and gain a better understanding - so when spring returns, we can live from that self.

Key Lessons
  1. Our desires can be used as a barometer of truth and help us make sense of life.
  2. Reflection during times of dormancy can help us gain clarity and focus on what matters most.
  3. Acting from what we know and expanding our knowing through trying can make our lives more meaningful and grounded.
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