Taking the Long View

Looking at our life more as a whole, spotting longer-term patterns and tendencies, letting this perspective deliver deeper awareness. Developing clarity and awareness through intentional reflection.
In our modern culture, it can be overwhelming to make sense of all the information coming at us from technology, relationships, organizations, and situations we encounter. We can become overly invested in individual elements of life, failing to recognize the larger patterns and themes of our lives. We often don't take the time to pause and question our actions, leading us to jump to false conclusions and creating a vicious cycle of overreacting and under responding.

To break this cycle, it is important to take a longer view of our lives and look beyond the superficial and minutiae of daily life. We must intentionally build in pauses to process and question what is happening, rather than immediately react. By doing this, we gain clarity and perspective, allowing us to draw ideas about why we are doing what we are doing, rather than simply reacting out of habit.

This helps us to understand our prior intents and create a new intent from a place of deeper awareness. It is only through understanding our beliefs, our consciousness, and courageously questioning that we can gain a deeper level of understanding about ourselves and, ultimately, others. This allows us to break away from the overreactivity and self-centeredness of our culture and become more mindful and aware of what our lives are really trying to tell us.

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