Life Has to be Lived

Life Has to be Lived


The balance of enduring and changing, discovering our own path in life. There are no shortcuts, we need to live our full life in order to fully experience it.
It is no secret that life can be difficult and full of suffering at times. Despite our best efforts, it is often hard to make sense of our pain and find ways to cope with it. However, if we can learn to recognize and accept our suffering, as well as use it as an opportunity for growth and understanding, we can create a better future for ourselves.

It is important to acknowledge that our lives are not as unique as we think they are, and there are common things that run through people's lives. We may be tempted to turn to external fixes in order to get out of an uncomfortable situation, but oftentimes this will only compound the original problem. It is not usually one thing that solves our problems, and oftentimes it takes multiple tries with multiple efforts. Relying entirely on external fixes can often lead to two problems instead of one.

Rather than trying to avoid or escape our discomfort, it is important to sit with it and really accept what is happening. We have to really accept and befriend as much as we can what's actually happening, learn from it, and then make the best choices from there. No one can tell us our truth. No one can tell us our path. We have to discover it ourselves.

The key is to find a balance between acceptance and effort to create change. It is a combination of qualities: both letting go and moving forward. We must not only find our way through life, but also to the life that is best for us. Life is meant to be lived in its entire spectrum - from what we would call good to bad - and we can use times of suffering, confusion, and needing change as an opportunity to learn something more about ourselves, and gain a deeper understanding of life.

By being mindful and aware, we can better understand our suffering and use it as a guide for navigating our lives more effectively. With this approach, we can begin to create a better future for ourselves and work towards a life of greater balance and fulfillment.

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