Embracing Your True Nature

Exploring our true nature for self-acceptance and clarity. Becoming more ourselves by better knowing and understanding our nature.
Life is often lived in a state of duality, bouncing back and forth between opposites. We can strive for balance, but it can be difficult to fully accept ourselves for who we truly are. If we want to be whole, if we want to grow in positive directions, then it really is important to embrace the truth. It really is important to fully accept the truth and then move forward from that place. It is important to become familiar with our nature and to pay attention to what energizes and de-energizes us, allowing our overall awareness to grow with us.

We can use analogies to help us understand our nature in a more abstract way. Thinking about elemental energy as something as simple as air, water and stone. We can think about ourselves, we can think about people that we meet. These ideas, held loosely, not only seem to ring true, but seem to explain a fair amount. That by holding on to this analogy, we can gain better clarity on not only why we do things, or why things go a certain way. Why other people seem to do certain things and have certain things go certain ways for them. By exploring our true nature, we can change the overall tenor of our life. Not only does this lead to self-acceptance, but it leads to more nourishment for us to be who we truly are.

It is important to understand and accept our own nature and be at peace with it. We can trust our nature, but it does not need to dictate our future. We can explore our environments, relationships, and ourselves to deepen our internal relationship with who and what we really are.

We can also look at what sort of situations and environments we are drawn to and how that can help us understand ourselves better. By doing so, we can be more equipped to set ourselves up to live a life that matches our true nature and not the one we think we should be living. Ultimately, self-acceptance is key to living in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

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