Buried Desires

By burying our desires, we lose touch with ourselves. We forget what we want because we partially forget who we are.
When we experience pain, it can shape us in profound ways. We may feel tempted to avoid pain entirely, burying our desires and trying to maintain a stoic and even demeanor in order to stay safe from further hurt. However, this approach can also prevent us from experiencing pleasure, delight and joy in life. We may limit ourselves to a narrow range of emotions and experiences, never venturing to the other side of the spectrum.

It is important to remember that even though feeling our emotions deeply can be painful, these feelings are meant to be transient. We should trust ourselves to live from our heart center, feeling our way and trusting that if it feels good, it is good. Through the willingness to be everything we already are, we can lead ourselves to a life full of joy, meaning, connection and passion. It is better to have a broken heart than to go through life without any heartbreak. When we open our hearts, even to pain, we gain the opportunity to become open to all the possibilities of life. We can choose to allow what we experience to help us become more open, more aware, kinder, more generous and more conscientious.

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