Being More Alive in Our Lives

Being More Alive in Our Lives


Feeling alive, rekindling our sense of purpose and passion. Sometimes, what is missing from our life is simply the sense of feeling alive.
We all have the choice of how alive we are in our own lives. It is vital that we are being honest with ourselves, and identifying what we are truly looking for, in order to truly feel alive.

We often get so caught up in the pursuit of external achievements that we forget to ask ourselves whether they are actually satisfying us and making us feel alive. In order to reconnect with our feelings and find a sense of aliveness, we can find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable chair to think about what it feels like to be alive. We can then start to identify what we believe makes us feel alive, and then actually go out and see for ourselves.

Activating a sense of aliveness is something that everyone needs and wants, but it can often be difficult to access. To ease the process, focus on our basic needs and pay attention to feelings of dissatisfaction and discomfort, as they can indicate a need for an internal shift or change. Meditation can help to answer deep-seated questions and provide relief from feelings of being overwhelmed and overextended.

We all have the choice of how much life we experience in our own lives. We can identify and re-familiarize ourselves with a sense of aliveness and we can connect with our own aliveness anytime we want and nurture and build it however we wish. By cultivating a sense of aliveness, we can truly become the best versions of ourselves.

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