Accepting What We Really Want

Accepting What We Really Want


Exploring your true self, discovering and releasing the power of your desires. Learning to better know ourselves through our desires, confronting and befriending all parts of ourselves, good and bad.
When it comes to finding true happiness and fulfillment, it can be difficult to determine what we really desire. We often try to define our wants based on what we think is possible, but our real desires come from a much different place. We are who we are for a reason, and understanding this is the key to uncovering our deepest, most genuine needs.

Learning what we want and why we want it is a challenging process, but an essential one. We may bury our true desires and attempt to replace them with what feels more achievable, leading to conflict and a sense of incompleteness. Paying attention to both what we do and don't do is important, and it's okay if our desires don't always make sense to others.

Negative behavior can be a response to unmet needs and a lack of wholeness, and becoming more aware of ourselves is the key to spiritual growth. We need to be honest and curious about ourselves to discover our full selves, and use our awareness to make things better. Acknowledging that our desires may go against cultural expectations is essential, and we must be willing to embrace the love, joy, pain, and damage inside of us. Everything we experience is equally important and valuable, and it's important to remember that the energy we put into something is the same energy we receive. Avoiding, ignoring, and numbing our way out of difficult situations will not lead to happiness or truth - it is only through living our discovered selves that we can reach a sense of fullness and truly be alive.

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